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Our Charity Partnership

Give back to those in need is a key principle which has always been at the heart of our company

We believe that we have a responsibility to provide support to charities that  need help to embrace and exploit digital, but cannot afford it.

Our UK office currently supports Nyumbani UK and The Hotcourses Foundation .

Nyumbani is a recognised world leader in providing HIV/AIDS services to children and affected families in Kenya.  Founded in 1992, today it serves close to 20,000 children affected by HIV/AIDS, delivering comprehensive medical care including, family support and access to anti-retroviral drugs and counselling.  Educating these children is the main focus of the fundraising work of Nyumbani UK & Hotcourses Foundation.

The three key areas of support are:

Nyumbani Village

An entire village for over 1,000 orphans and elders built from scratch three hours outside Nairobi providing education, housing and community to enable students to progress from a young age through to tertiary education, secure a successful job or even set up their own business.

Nyumbani Community Outreach

Assisting 10,000 orphaned and vulnerable children living within eight slums across Nairobi, providing food, uniforms, books and school fees as well as medical care including access to anti-retroviral drugs and counselling.

Nyumbani Children’s Home

Caring for 120 orphaned children who are HIV+, giving the best nutritional, medical, psychological and academic care available and living at Nyumbani Children’s Home until they enter adulthood and are self-reliant.