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Uncover all "hidden" ways
to boost the performance
of your digital campaigns

Do you know…


What the most important drivers of performance are?

Which are your performance weaknesses?


If you don’t, you are not alone!

The TruExperts Benchmarking Study

has recently analysed

more than 2100 Pharma digital campaigns, using 100+ contents and performance data points

to determine what makes a top performer!


With such unique insights we have helped many Pharma organization to rapidly achieve stronger competitive results with their email campaigns.

Start Today! Check out the data-driven insights and enjoy a stronger performance

The TruExperts Digital Benchmarking Study is the first of its kind

  • 100% focused on the Pharma industry

Unique competitiveness data, blended with in-depth qualitative insights, linked to top performance

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Our Publications

It’s still Halloween time...
and iOS 15 could have played you a trick!

Have you recently experienced a sharp rise in email performance? Here is Apple’s trick. Read the full article.

Rep, Mass or Third Parties?
How to choose the right email strategy in Pharma

When it comes to the way Pharma companies send emails to HCPs, the TruExperts  Benchmarking Study shows that three different strategies are adopted. Read full article.

The number one wasted opportunity in Pharma is ...

More than one third of email campaigns miss a Call to Action and 46% of those that do are poorly designed; this is the equivalent to closing the door in the face of your most engaged customers. Read full article.

Our Services

Following an in-depth audit of your campaigns, we give recommendations on:

  • eMail / Sub-channels strategy
  • Subject lines, pre-header copy, email body & Call-to-actions (CTAs)
  • Email list segmentation criteria
  • Deliverability, accessibility & responsiveness
  • Email service providers (Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, HubSpot etc.)

Want to make a greater impact with your email campaigns?